Food choices at work

Increased pressure and demanding work pace often determine the employees’ diet habits. Food choices are not always the best ones available. Some employees organize their meals from home preparing lunch boxes; others resort to the easy solution of ready-made, fast-food meals; some do not eat at all for hours and some others tend to nibble on foods high in calories and low in nutrients, putting on weight and depriving themselves of nutrients. However, a balanced diet is important in order for employees to perform at their best and contribute to their good health. 
Organizing your office meals is not difficult. Properly organizing your meals from home will help you earn some time at work.
Take the following steps and you will definitely have a lot to gain!
A. Start your day with a good breakfast:
  •     1 cup of 1.5% fat milk and 1 toasted sandwich with low-fat cheese and NIKAS or NIKAS FUEGO cooked or smoked turkey
  •     1 sesame bagel with 1 glass of natural orange juice
  •     1 2% fat yoghurt with muesli and some seasonal fruits
  •     3-4 rusks with low-fat cheese & NIKAS turkey
  •     1 glass of 1.5% fat milk with cereal
  •     1 glass of natural orange juice with 1 piece of homemade ham and cheese pie with NIKAS products
B. Eat small snacks every 2-3 hours of work:
  •     1 banana
  •     1 2% fat yoghurt
  •     2-3 tangerines
  •     1-2 dry fruits
  •     1 cereal bar
  •     Some dried fruits
  •     2-3 crackers or rusks
  •     1 glass of natural orange juice
C. Prepare a lunch box from home or order a nutritious and light meal, such as:
  •     Salad with:
  •     Tuna
  •     Sea food
  •     Chicken  NIKAS NITSIAKOS  and cheese ADORO Creamy Gouda
  •     Low-fat cheese and NIKAS FUEGO smoked turkey or NIKAS AMERICAN FARM SCHOOL smoked turkey
  •     Pulses and flavourings (e.g. black-eyed beans or lentils salad)
  •     Sandwich with:
  •     Low-fat cheese & NIKAS turkey
  •     Salmon and spreadable cheese (Katiki Domokou)
  •     Chicken NIKAS NITSIAKOS and cheese ADORO Creamy Gouda
  •     Burger & vegetables
  •     1 portion of food cooked the day before or 1 dry ready-made meal such as chicken fillet, baked meatballs, lightly cooked oily foods or pulses.
D. Finally, don’t forget to rest and sleep well.