It’s good to see the history of cured meat unfolded in parallel with your company’s course. NIKAS has established itself as a synonym for cured meat and has created a history of its own. The history of cured meat began 2,500 years ago and has chronicled an endless variety of tastes. Cured meat has always been a principle food of the Greek diet which includes kavourmas from Evros, porchetta from Evritania, syglino from Mani, lountza from the Cyclades and apaki from Crete. Along with ham, sausages, bacon and dry salami, the Greek diet endorses several tasteful challenges produced with imagination, creativity and "meraki”, the love and soul of many generations. The need to preserve meat has led to the idea of meat processing, which we now call “curing”. In 1966, NIKAS launched the curing process. Since then the company’s goal is to always feel and anticipate the needs and preferences of the Greek consumer.

Foundation of P.G. NIKAS A.V.E.E. with the main activity of producing and distributing cured meat in Greece.

First company in Greece to launch a mini parizer.

First company in Greece to launch  square-shaped  cold meat for toast.

NIKAS is the first company in Greece to launch country sausage «links».

First company in Greece to launch cured turkey fillet.

Launches smoke turkey. Began to apply a HACCP plan.

The first cured meat company in Greece to receive the ISO 9001 certification.

First company in Greece with parizer jumbo pack.

First company to launch the NIKAS VIVEUR range, the only cured meat products with 0-3% fat and 30% less salt.

Launches NIKAS BEEF range. The first cured meat range with beef. First company to launch a gluten-free delicatessen and self-service range.

Partnership with the AMEDICAN FARM SCHOOL of THESSALINIKI. The first smoked turkey product made of 100% Greek turkeys bred by the AMERICAN FARM SCHOOL. Launch of ΝΙΚΑΣ FUEGO turkey and ham, the only cold meat products that are made of 96% meat. On the same year, the company launches its ROASTED cold meat range with ROASTED parizer and mini parizer. 

A year with many tasty news! All of NIKAS's key innovative ranges were enriched with new products. From NIKAS OVEN ROASTED pork and NIKAS FUEGO sausages with leek, to Turkey Frankfurters type made of turkeys bred by the AMERICAN FARM SCHOOL of THESSALONIKI, available in new, innovative packaging.

All Nikas deli cut products become Gluten Free!

Specially produced for people suffering from celiac disease or are intolerant to gluten, but also for people who follow a balanced diet.

For the first time in the market, a complete range of products made by 100% fresh chicken meat from Ioannina chicken was developed with the collaboration of Nikas, the meat processor with the longest history and Nitsiakos, the biggest breeder of chicken in the country.



NIKAS was founded in 1966 as a point of departure for one man's vision to create unique cured meat products based on GOOD quality and top safety. Today, after more than 50 years, the company is still creating and offering not only quality but also safe cold meat products. Loyal to its long tradition, NIKAS has established its place around the family table offering tasty, quality and innovative products for the whole family and for any time of the day.

Quality Seal

For our people, taste is a synonym for quality. NIKAS products have been earning a well-deserved place on your dinner table every day for more than 50 years now. They have passed all your tests with flying colours, but first, they have passed the hardest tests of all: Our own! First come our strict criteria on selecting meat: we cross-check all animal feeding and origin certifications. The same applies for all raw materials and seasonings we use, so that the end product may carry NIKAS’s quality seal. And by quality we mean more than just a seal affixed by a quality assurance body. We mean the knowledge, care and many years of experience of each and every one of NIKAS's employees who will make sure that you will use a safe, tasty and quality product! 

NIKAS has been awarded with the following product quality and safety certifications:

ISO 9001:2015-Product quality guarantee for the consumer ISO 22000:2005 (HACCP)-Food Safety Management System
ISO 14001:2015- Care for the environment and adherence to strict environmental requirements BRC – Certification for food safety & quality during production, packaging and distribution
IFS -International standard setting out special food safety, legality and quality requirements to be met by food processing and packaging companies All Nikas deli cut products are Gluten Free


The Real Τime PCR test (polymerase chain reaction) is one of the latest procedures applied by NIKAS Quality Control Department. It involves the definition of purity, quality and suitability of meat used in the production of cured meat products. It is a biochemistry and molecular biology technique for isolating and expanding a DNA sequence, through DNA enzymatic replication, without using living organisms. The DNA tracking system installed in our facilities guarantees uninterrupted and high-sensitivity purity control of all products and is based on the DNA replication model, a high-precision technique applied by this particular equipment.

Our People

In NIKAS we believe that you don't just«build» a business, but you «build» the people and, in turn, they «build» the brand itself.

The history of our brand is proof that the creation of great products which made it through time and were loved by consumers, was the result of the labour of great people on whom the company invested.

This philosophy made NIKAS's brand not only a synonym for cold meat but also a statement of quality guarantee... NIKAS for Good Quality!