How can I properly preserve cured meats?

  • Cured meats are sensitive to light, humidity and high temperature. You should be careful when it comes to preservation conditions, and always refer to the packaging of each product where the expiry date is provided. Similarly, when buying from a cured meat counter, you should pay attention to any instructions from the employee who is serving you.
  • The period during which meats are preserved refers to maintaining best possible taste.
  • Some products such as bacon, country sausages, frankfurters and cocktail sausages can be preserved for longer periods if kept in the freezer. However, when they are defrosted, they must be consumed on the same day.
  • Packaged cured meats last for the period indicated on the packaging.
  • For cut cured meats, it depends on when the employee on the counter opened the packaging. Ham, turkey and parizer slices can be preserved in proper conditions (2-40C) for a period of 2-3 days.