How does packaging affect the preservation of the product?

Cured meats are found either at a counter (where there is the possibility to cut them in several forms and sizes), or at shelves, packaged in special containers (plastic, paper, etc). The packaging used is mainly determined by the type of product. This means that products made from minced meat are encased in animal intestines (pork, beef, etc) and artificial cases (paper, plastic etc). Following that, in order to increase preservation time for the product, they are packaged again in plastic packaging (for foodstuff) or in a vacuum or in protective atmosphere (i.e. air which consists of 70% CO2 and 30% nitrogen). Cooked products are packaged and cooked in large or small plastic cases. Afterwards products are delivered to the stores in order to be sliced. Due to the curing process used, aged products made from pieces of meat can be preserved for a large period of time even without packaging. NIKAS was the first company in Greece to use latest technology intestining for the innovative series of OVEN ROASTED NIKAS products. It is an intestine that is expandable and helps the cooking process while the aromas of the product continue to develop even after the cooking process has been completed.