How many quality assurance stages are there for each product?

At NIKAS there are no compromises made when it comes to the quality of the products we produce and distribute.

Quality control consists of the following:

1) Analysis of external morphology such as colour, texture etc.

2) Analysis of organoleptic characteristics such as smell, taste etc.

3) Analysis of chemical characteristics such as moisture content, fat, protein, salt, carbohydrates, inorganic substances, nitric salts etc.

4) Analysis of microbiological characteristics such as listeria, salmonella, fungi, yeasts, Staphylococcus aureus, e-coli etc.

As a matter of fact, NIKAS was  one of the first companies in Greece to be certified in accordance with Quality Assurance Systems.

The company has received the following certifications on product quality and safety:

1)  ISO 9001:2015- Product quality assurance

2)  ISO 22000: 2018 (HACCP)- Food safety management system

3)  IFS- A standard that sets out all requirements for food product safety, legality and quality that must be met by food manufacturing and packaging companies established by German retailers.

4)  BRC- Certification for food safety and quality in food products and packaging established by British retailers.

5)  ISO 14001:2015- Environmental performance and conformity to strict environmental requirements 


We also carry out Real Τime PCR testing, one of the latest procedures applied by NIKAS Quality Control Department. It involves the control of purity, quality and suitability of meat used in the production of processed meat products. It is a biochemical and molecular biology technique for isolating and expanding a DNA sequence, through DNA enzymatic replication, without using living organisms. The DNA tracking system installed in our facilities guarantees uninterrupted and high-sensitivity purity control of all products and is based on the DNA replication model, a high-precision technique applied by this particular equipment.