What is the difference between roasted/smoked, cooked and oven roasted cured meats?

The difference between roasted, smoked, and cooked meats is that they are heat treated in a different way.

Cooked cured meats are heat treated with steam (wet heat treatment). Roasted cured meats (from whole pieces of meat) are roasted in an oven (dry heat treatment). Smoked cured meats are processed in a similar way to cooked cured meats (smoked, wet heat treatment) or roasted meat (roasted-smoked) but at the end of the process, there is an additional stage of smoking. Smoking is the process that gives these products their distinct smell and taste. Finally, oven roasted cured meats are yet another NIKAS innovation: they are slow-roasted in specially built ovens, in controlled temperature and low humidity.