What is the nutritional value of cured meats?

The nutrients found in meat are valuable for the proper development of the human body. Meat is an important source of albumin which is the main component of muscle meat. Along with albumin in eggs and milk, meat albumin is among the proteins with the greatest biological value (greater than that of plant proteins) due to the fact that it is rich in basic amino acids.
Many believe that meat is high in energy as well as fat. However, in the current market, that is true only for some separate meat parts. Similarly, cured meats are separated into high calorie, high fat or low calorie, low fat products. In “light" products, fat is reduced by up to 30% compared to regular products.
Meat and its by-products contain many metals that are superior or equal to those found in vegetables. For example, meat has a high iron content that our body can absorb quite easily.
Few people know that meat contains many vitamins and is the most important source of Vitamin B.
Finally, meat contains cholesterol which is not always considered bad. Cholesterol is a substance that is necessary for the human body as it contributes significantly to the structure of cells and neural pathways. Furthermore, our body produces cholesterol itself and uses a control mechanism to regulate its levels in blood.