The website and its pages (hereinafter “the Website”) use cookies to store information on your computer. This Policy explains how our website uses cookies. By using our Website, you agree to and accept the use of cookies on your computer as set out in this Policy. If you do not agree with receiving cookies from the Website, please adjust the settings accordingly (as set our below) or refrain from using the website altogether.


What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files that contain information which a web page (specifically a web server) stores on a user’s computer without enabling it to identify any document or file from the user’s computer. Cookies contain information such as a site’s name and certain digits and numbers. Whenever a user connects to a website, the latter retrieves said information and uses it to offer the user relevant services. A typical example of such information is the user’s preferences on a website, as stated by the user’s selections on that site (e.g. the selection of specific “buttons”, searches, ads, etc.).


What type of cookies does this website use?

The types of cookies we use are:


Technical cookies

Technical cookies are used for the proper functioning of certain features of the Website. The Website uses technical cookies, the sole purpose of which is to transfer a communication, or which are necessary to provide a particular service explicitly requested by the user or the subscriber (Article 4 (5) of Law 3471/2006).


These are divided into browser cookies and session cookies, which ensure the proper functioning of the website:

• Analytical cookies, which are technical cookies, when used to measure and analyse in total the number of users and a behaviour in the specific website;

• Functionality cookies, which allow customizing the website according to the user’s choices (e.g. language, etc.), to provide improved services.


The collection and processing of information through the use of technical cookies is essential for the proper functioning of the Website. A user who objects to the use of such technical cookies shall not be able to visit and see the Website correctly.


Other than technical cookies, the general rule that governs the use of electronic communications networks is that the access to information already stored in a subscriber’s terminal equipment requires the user’s prior clear and comprehensive informed consent following, which means that, consent must be opt-in, instead of opt-out.


Consequently, cookies which are not technical and which are more important for the user’s privacy, such as those used to create a user profile, may be installed on the user’s terminal equipment if the user has been clearly and extensively informed thereof and validly given his/her consent.


Third party cookies

When browsing the Website, web browsers may receive third party cookies.


Third party cookies are installed by a site other than the one the user is browsing. This is because each website may contain information (images, maps, sounds, specific links to websites of other domain names) located on other computer servers than those hosting the website users are browsing.


The information collected from the cookies above is not sold or disclosed to third parties unless required by law.


How do I review the cookie settings in my browser?

Some users may not agree to the storage of information collected from cookies on their computer. Every web browser provides clear instructions on how to use cookies.

If you do not wish to receive cookies, you can change your web browser settings to notify you when cookies are sent, disable all or some of the cookies used by the Website, or delete cookies already installed on your computer.


Most of Site’s services work without the use of cookies. However, disabling cookies may prevent you from accessing certain services and features of the Website.


Here is a list with the references of specific versions of major web browsers.


It is recommended that you refer to the official documents of the manufacturing companies for a most up-to-date information.

Google Chrome:

Microsoft Edge:

Internet Explorer:…

Mozilla Firefox:…


For the web browsers of other manufacturing companies, please refer to their official documents.