Since its founding in 1966, NIKAS has developed high-quality products with sheer dedication to excellence and taste. With every new step forward, we have become better. With every new product, we have become more creative. That’s how we have earned a special place in your heart.

Our unique story is part of the history of cold cuts that goes back more than 2,500 years. Cured meats have been a staple of Greek gastronomy since ancient times. People needed to preserve meat for long periods, so they invented the curing methods we still use to produce our sausages, bacon, ham, and salami. Today, Greeks can enjoy a large selection of premium local cold cuts created and perfected by generations of devoted butchers and meat specialists. Kavourmas from Evros, porchetta from Evritania, syglino from Mani, lountza from the Cyclades, and apaki from Crete, are only a few fine specimens of the diverse Greek meat-curing processes.

P.G. NIKAS S.A. is founded as a manufacturer and distributor of processed meat products.
Introduces the first country-style cocktail sausage.
Introduces the smoked turkey cold cut.
Adopts the HACCP management system for food safety.
Introduces the first giant-sized parizaki.
Introduces a line of cold cuts made from beef, the first in Greece.
Becomes the first to place gluten-free products on retail counters and shelves.
Develops new products for the innovative NIKAS lines. Specifically, the NIKAS roasted pork, the NIKAS FUEGO sausages with leek, and the NIKAS turkey franks (made with poultry from the American Farm School) in the revolutionary packaging.
Collaborates with NITSIAKOS S.A. to create an innovative line of cold cuts made of 100% fresh chicken meat.
Introduces NIKAS parizaki for kids with no preservatives and 30% less salt.
Introduces NIKAS LESS SALT, a complete line of low-fat turkey cold cuts with 30% less salt.
Introduces the first Greek parizaki.
Introduces the first square-shaped cold cut for toast sandwiches.
Introduces the first turkey cold cut in Greece.
Becomes the first cold-cuts manufacturer in Greece to be ISO 9001 certified.
Introduces NIKAS VIVEUR, a line of cold cuts with 0-3% fats and 30% less salt.
Begins collaboration with the American Farm School in Thessaloniki to introduce the first smoked turkey cold cut made of 100% Greek poultry. .
Introduces NIKAS FUEGO, a line of turkey and ham cold cuts with 96% meat.
Introduces the NIKAS ROASTED parizer and parizaki, a line of oven-roasted cold cuts.
All NIKAS cold cuts become gluten-free to be enjoyed by people with gluten intolerance or celiac disease and those who follow a balanced diet.
Collaborates with Adoro & Adoro light cheese to introduce the first line of products combining branded cheese and cold cuts in the same package.
NIKAS enters in a new product category , offering the NIKAS Greek Cuisine ready to meals. Traditional, homemade food , made of pure ingredients, without preservatives, cooked with extra virgin olive oil’



NIKAS story began with one human’s dream to create unique cold cuts of the highest quality and safety standards. Today, his vision lives on. It fuels our pioneering spirit and drives us to keep growing boldly and responsibly.


Since 1966, NIKAS has consistently won the consumers’ trust by providing the most innovative, nutritious, and tasty processed meat products.

Today, our high-quality cured meats are an all-day staple at the Greek family table. Our traditional and new-generation cold cuts serve every current human need in terms of taste and diet alike. It’s what we’ve been doing since the beginning and what we promise to do for years to come.



We create unique processed meat products for everyday meals. Our cold cuts are made to be enjoyed by people with different preferences who share a common requirement for top quality, unbeatable taste, and high nutritional value. It’s for them that we strive to offer a wide variety of cured meats that cover every consumer need and pass every quality test. Before a NIKAS product reaches your table, it has been through many levels of inspection. First, we ensure our raw materials (meat, spices, etc.) are of the highest quality and confirmed origin. Finally, we put all our knowledge, experience, and care at your service to create delicious products that meet all the latest international standards.

Our official certifications for product quality and safety are:

ISO 9001:2015 - Product quality assurance for the consumers.
ISO 22000:2018 (HACCP) - Certified food safety management system.
ISO 14001:2015 - Compliance with the latest environmental requirements.
BRC - Assurance of food quality and safety during production and packaging.
IFS - Standard for the safety and quality of food products and production processes.

The latest addition to NIKAS Quality Control Department’s arsenal is a new method of testing the meat we use in our products, the real-time PCR test. It’s a process that duplicates and analyzes specific DNA sequences to detect pathogenic microorganisms, allergens, and GMOs, identify animal species, etc. Our new in-house DNA analysis device helps us certify the origins, quality, and purity of our raw materials. That way, we can further ensure the superior quality of our end-products.


In NIKAS, we believe that people have the power to turn businesses into something greater: brands with a purpose! Our brand story is proof that when people commit to providing the best outcome, they develop products that win the hearts of consumers and stand the test of time. It’s those people that NIKAS has always invested in and will continue to do so.

It’s the way of thinking that has made NIKAS a synonym for premium quality cold cuts.